A Generac Automatic Home Standby Generators Installed Outside a Home

Generac Guardian Automatic Home Standby Generators

Power outages occur for many reasons across America. Every year, hundreds of thousands, and often millions of utility customers experience long-term outages that last days or even weeks. After catastrophic storms like Katrina and Sandy, some customers have waited more than a month for crews to restore power. Equipment failure can sometimes take days to repair, especially equipment located in remote places.

The Guardian Series from Generac is a line of air-cooled standby generators that provide power when the utility cannot. With power capacities that range from 8 to 22 kilowatts, Guardian generators can provide power for just the absolute necessities or all the conveniences of everyday life.

Generac Guardian

Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Generac has been designing and manufacturing backup generator systems for more than fifty years and supplies more residential standby units than any other manufacturer. It was Generac that first designed backup generators for residential use and built a reputation that consumers recognize and trust.

The company backs that trust with a five-year, limited consumer warranty on all Guardian standby generators, and offers customer support 24 hours a day, seven days week, every day of the year from the Wisconsin based headquarters.

Guardian Generators operate on either LP Gas (propane) or Natural Gas and are easily switched between the two fuels during installation.

Automatic Operation

A 20 kW Guardian shown with an Automatic transfer switch

Generac Guardian Fully Automatic Standby Generator with ATS

Standby generators are fully automatic, permanently installed appliances similar to a furnace or central air conditioner. When the utility power is on, the system stands by waiting and watching the incoming power. The Evolution Controller at the heart of every Guardian system senses a power outage the moment it happens and begins a sequence of operations to being supplying power to the home within seconds.

The controller implements a programmed delay that guards against false starts during momentary outages, then starts the engine and allows it to reach operating speed. Next, the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is instructed to isolate the home from the electric utility lines and connect power from the generator. Within just seconds, the home’s electrical power is restored.

And it all happens automatically whether the homeowner is in the kitchen or halfway around the world.

Power Options

A Generac Guardian Installed outside a home.

Generac Guardian Keeps Your Home Supplied with Power.

Keep the essentials operating or power the entire home?

Generac Guardian 8, 11 and 14 kilowatt standby units can provide power to essential appliances such as as furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, pumps, and medical equipment while keeping some lights on and charging cell phones and laptops. Your security system battery won’t run down and you can rest assured your home is protected from freezing pipes or flooded basements.

Larger 16, 20, and 22-kilowatt generators can power an entire home using an ATS equipped for managed power. Appliances like air conditioners and electric hot water heaters only run when there is enough power while keeping the rest of the house supplied with power.

Transfer Switches

Standby generators are often packaged with an ATS that includes power management to control appliances that draw large amounts of power.

Standby generators and Automatic Transfer Switches are Packaged Together to Save Money.

Standby generator systems work in concert with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Most manufacturers supply switches specifically designed to work with their standby generators. Generac combines Guardian generators and transfer switches in money-saving packages.

When a standby system supplies power to the entire house, an installation with the ATS between the electric meter and the main service panel is the best option. These Service-Entrance (SE) rated transfer switches meet national codes that allow them to control the source of power for the entire home and also serve as a main disconnect for the service panel.

Another option uses the transfer switch as a sub-panel served by the main service panel. In this case, the ATS has its own circuit breakers to supply only essential circuits with power during an outage. This type of switch normally receives power from the service panel, but during an outage it automatically switches those circuits to generator power.


Mobile Link is a cutting edge and affordable cellular based remote monitoring

Mobile Link Option

Guardian standby generators are equipped with state-of-the-art Evolution Controllers that features a two-line, multilingual display for status, programming, and alert functions. A basic wireless display extends generator status inside the home with red, green, and yellow LEDs and an alarm.

Mobile Link replaces the wireless monitors and provides access to the controller via the Mobile Link App for use on smartphones or tablets, and via a web-based dashboard. It also also allows email updates and text message alerts, and can send your local dealer or technician messages when maintenance or service is required, ensuring that your generator stays up and running.

Generac keeps your home powered when the electric utility cannot.