Commercial pressure washers are built tough to stand up to daily use for commercial cleaning jobs. These units are perfect for applications that include paint stripping, surface preparation, built up grime, and deep cleaning of concrete and other surfaces. Generac’s commercial-grade pressure washers supply a high-pressure, high-water-volume spray for use in industrial or commercial applications.

Safety Note: All pressure washers are capable of causing serious injuries. Never point the spray at another person or at yourself. Wear safety-goggle type eye protection while operating the pressure washer or working nearby.


Generac 4000 PSI Commercial Pressure Washer Model # 5997

Generac 4000 PSI Commercial Pressure Washer Model # 5997

Three models offer a range of power from 3000 PSI to 4000 PSI. Both the 3000 and 3300 PSI units are designed for use on farms, around homes and for commercial work applications. Delivering 3000 PSI at 2.8 gallons per minute is model #5993 with a 212cc engine and a weight of 113 pounds. Model #5995 offers more water output at 3.2 GPM and a pressure at 3300 PSI. When more pressure is needed for heavy cleaning, Model #5997delivers 4000 PSI at 4.0 GPM and weighs in at 165 pounds. This washer is practical for commercial cleaning jobs, paint stripping, surface preparation and deep cleaning of porous materials. Each model has a welded steel frame with front and back grab bars for easy loading an unloading. No-flat, ten-inch tires combined with a design engineered for balance makes moving the pressure washers easy over any surface.


All Generac commercial pressure washers are made in the USA with overhead-valve, horizontal-shaft Generac engines. Easy manual starting is ensured by an unloader valve that releases the pressure in the system to make it easier to turn the engine over. Low oil sensing and automatic shutdown protect the engine from low-oil failure during periods of extended operation. The triplex pumps with ceramic coated pistons are located at the front of the machine for easy access to the high pressure hose connection and to the garden hose inlet. An automatic thermal protection valve prevents the pump from overheating. When the pressure washer is idling without spraying water, the pump temperature increases. To prevent damage, water circulates through the pump to cool it, and discharges onto the ground. A pressure control valve allows the operator to change the output water pressure. Units are shipped with the valve set for maximum pressure. Just rotate the control valve counterclockwise to reduce pressure, or clockwise to increase it. These pressure washers come with a spray gun designed for the professional. They isolate vibration to reduce operator fatigue, have a stainless steel lance and quick clip nozzles. The pump, high-pressure hose, and spray gun fit together with quick-connect fittings. The stainless steel lance connects to the spray gun with a threaded screw-type connection. A high-pressure hose is made from rubber and reinforced with steel for excellent flexibility and a long life. The 3000 and 3300 PSI models come with a 35-foot-long high hose, while the 4000 PSI model is 50 feet long. All models have a siphon hose for adding cleaners to the water spray.


Generac includes five nozzles with all of their commercial-grade units. The black detergent nozzle is for applying chemicals and soaps. A zero-degree stream is produced by the red nozzle and provides the most cleaning pressure. The yellow 15-degree nozzle and green 25-degree nozzle have successively lower pressures. Use the white 40-degree nozzle for  low pressure applications such as rinsing.


Generac’s commercial pressure washers come with a limited 90-day commercial warranty which applies in any commercial or rental application, and a three-year consumer warranty for residential applications.