Updated on September 29, 2016

Kohler Power Systems broke into manufacturing generators right after World War I to address a growing need for power in rural areas where power lines were scarce, but electricity was needed. Previously, most generators provided enough current to charge a battery bank, but the Kohler Automatic Power & Light power plant supplied 110 volts of electricity and could start automatically when when power was needed and shut itself down when it was not.

Today, Norwall PowerSystems sells modern Kohler standby generators for homes and businesses. Their standard 5-year limited warranty is applicable for grid-connected systems, or an 18-month limited warranty for off-grid systems.

RESA Air-Cooled Standby

Automatic Home Standby Generator

Automatic Home Standby Generator

The Kohler 14RESA provides up to 14 kilowatts of power and was included by consumer reports in their Best Emergency Gear report for providing ample and clean smooth power. The 14RESAL-200SELS includes a 200A SE Rated Automatic Transfer Switch while the 14RESAL-100LC16  is bundled with a 16-Circuit Load-Center ATS. Norwall also has the 20 kilowatt 20RESC with bundles that include either a 16 circuit Load Center ATS or a 200A SE Rated ATS.

Add the optional OnCue Remote Monitoring System and you can monitor the generator from any Internet-enabled PC or laptop.

Need to power essentials in an emergency? Check out the 8 Kilowatt 8RESVL-100LC12 or the 12 kilowatt 12RESVL-100LC12 with quiet operation and superior power quality.

RESA and RES generators from Kohler meet US EPA and California emissions requirements.

RCL Liquid-Cooled 24 Kilowatts to 60 Kilowatts

A Kohler 48 kilowatt standby generator

Kohler 48kW Standby Generator

The RCL standby generators provide power for large homes, luxury residences, and small businesses with with 24 to 60 kilowatts of power.  The 24kw, 30kW, and 38kW are powered by Kohler inline 4-cylinder engines. General Motors V-8 Industrial Vortec engines power the 48 kilowatt and 60 kilowatt models.

The reduced engine speed of 1800 RPMs extends engine life and reduces noise levels. Kohler RCL Generators provide the full rated kilowatts using either propane or natural gas.

Among the quietest in their class, Kohler RCL standby generators are among the quietest in the industry at 61dB while running at full speed, and 58dB while in exercise mode. That’s the level a normal conversation.

Automatic Transfer Switches sold Separately.

ERES Liquid-Cooled 80 Kilowatts to 150 Kilowatts

80 kilowatt ERESD liquid cooled standby generator.

80ERESD by Kohler

The next step in available standby power, the liquid-cooled ERES series provides from 80 kilowatts to 150 kilowatts of electrical power for large residential homes and small businesses are available with either aluminum or steel all-weather enclosures. The GM V-8 Vortec Engines in 5.7 liter and 8.8 liter provide the full power capacity on either propane or natural gas.

Noise levels compare to large central air units with about 71dB to 73dB at a distance of 23 feet.

Also see the 100-kilowatt and 125-kilowatts models. ATS sold separately.

Variable Speed DC Standby


Variable Speed 6kW Standby Generators for Off-Grid Systems in 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt configurations.

Alternative power systems need backup power too. The VSG series generators provide DC current to charge battery banks when power production drops from solar panels or wind turbines. They operate solely on propane (LP gas) and were designed specifically for off-grid homes, telecommunications, and other remote systems where grid power is unavailable.

Different models produce 24, 36, or 48 volts of electricity depending on the voltage requirements of the battery bank and can charge it directly or even supply power directly to the system. When batteries run low or cannot meet demand, the generator starts and runs automatically. The variable engine speed conserves fuel and only produces the current required at any given moment.