When the power goes out, the new 8 and 10 kilowatt standby generators from Briggs & Stratton provide standby power to keep your home’s critical functions operating while providing additional power for conveniences and comfort. They have the smallest footprint of any standby generator in their power class to fit in places other generators won’t, while maintaining compliance with tough fire prevention standards.

Essential Power

Automatic 8kW NG/LP Standby Generator Essential Power

Automatic 8kW NG/LP Standby Generator Essential Power

The 8-kilowatt generators provide plenty of power to keep your home’s essential circuits powered up and operating. Supplying power for refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, sump, and water pumps keeps your food safe, your home warm and dry, and your plumbing working. Additional appliances like televisions, microwaves, and lights offer a measure of safety and comfort that keep you home instead of packing up and heading for the nearest hotel.

The larger, 10-kilowatt standby generators add enough reserve capacity to start and run two, 3-ton air-conditioning units to keep your home comfortable and livable, even in the middle of a heat wave, while still keeping everything else powered up and running. Additional capacity also means that with a managed power option, you have access to all the conveniences of your home, instead of just the essentials.

Transfer Switches

A generator can’t keep your home supplied with power unless it can turn on and switch the home from utility power to generator power automatically. The automatic transfer switches for the 8kW and 10kW standby generators do just that. When the power goes out, the generator starts and is allowed to come up up to speed. The automatic transfer switch disconnects the home from the utility power lines and connects them to the generator lines to make generator power available. And it all happens within seconds, whether you are home or not.

Select a Briggs & Stratton automatic transfer switch that meets your needs and expectations, based on the size of the standby generator.

The 8kw generators use a 50-amp, 10-position automatic transfer switch with room for up to ten, 120-volt circuits. The 10kW standby units may use a 16-position, 100 amp transfer switch. Adding 240-volt circuits reduces the number of slots available in either transfer switch.

Other options are available for the 10kW generators and include 100, 150, and 200 amp transfer switches for whole house managed power that connect to the main panel. Another whole house managed power option are service-entrance-rated automatic transfer switches which install between the electric meter and existing main service panel, simplifying installation and reducing changes to the existing panel and any sub-panels.

Whole-house-managed-power transfer switches have modules that allow high-demand appliances like air conditioners to operate. The modules detect power requirements and only allow the high-demand devices to run when power is available.

Briggs & Stratton Reliability

Both the 8kW and 10kW standby generators come with a limited, 3-year consumer warranty. The Vanguard industrial OHV engines in the 10kW units have a long history of reliability, and Briggs & Stratton designed and built the engine in the 8kW units specifically to meet the rigorous demands of a standby generator. When the power goes out, the generators will start and run, and keep running until the utility restores service.

These generators were designed and built to last, meet tough building and fire protection codes, and fit into small yards with tight lot lines without compromising safety. They have front-facing exhaust ports and non-combustible housings made from the same steel used by the automotive industry to prevent rust and corrosion in harsh climates and keep these generators looking good for years to come.